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Again, Relocation..... A friend of mine suggested me to spread my blog. Considering the article I uploaded still not too many to be shared, it is little bit useless to do so. But, I start to realize that it was too messy to throw all of my garbage into one trash. So, here another weblog of mine, anything is welcome but economics (i hear you're laughing). Also, I keep my Friendster Blog runs. It will be the sewage of my poetry and....oh, gosh, please stop laughing :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shame on You

Someone sent BB with a message in the end of it as follow:
"Whoever ruins this will be single for the next 4 years.....If you repost this in the next 7 minutes of reading, you will be kissed by someone who really likes you. Repost this with the title "I Want a Relationship Like This"
My comment:
Oh please, ...Shame on you! (the maker), How about the sender? You judge them. All of you, be my witness, please. Whether I will, still, be a single man in the next of 4 years? Let's see...
(Posted on Friendster Blog on 15-11-2005)


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