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Sunday, January 29, 2006

another busy week...

It has been long time after my previous posting. A lot of things are waiting to be written in my mind. But, it is just stuck and nothing to do with in the end. A whole week I was so busy, dealt with my thesis proposal and afterward get prepared for presentation.
Finding topics is not that easy, at least in my case. I was getting confused with a lot of dream and stumbled with some idealistic fences like:
  • my thesis has to be something new
  • It has to be something that my country really need
  • It consists (wannabe) very sophisticated econometric model, capture social phenomena as much as it can
  • Then, it also better if I can work with organization that willing to give extra money for research funding
  • Find very popular thesis supervisor, so that you can have someone who is ready to promote you into next academic level (you know what I mean?)
  • bla... bla... bla...
Similar things happened when I was in my undergraduate. I ended up with my favourite term, "melacurkan diri" (anyone knows an english term of that words?).
These words refer to "doing something ordinary and gave up all of those idealistic-fences"
Then, I am still here now, working with another preparation. The week after next week, I'll meet my candidate of supervisor. Like I noted previously, It is me who desperately dont like to be embarrassed.
So, another hard day already waiting for me...
As I am writing this, my senior informed me that SCTV has done very well investigation on "thesis market". Just as usual and common market, students come, the shopkeeper ask them about the "spesification of thesis", paying agreed price, then voila.... they can bring their own thesis home. Want to get more information? Check this out! Like other legal business, they provide a contact number, bank account , and email.
Oh Dear God.... Whether they open branches here in Norway?
Further reference can be seen on this page, yup, it is in Bahasa Indonesia.
So long...


Blogger Blogger admirer said...

al, dont give up pal!

dulu pas skripsi gue juga idealis, sempet kemakan idealisme sendiri, tapi, sampe sekarang gue pikir no one is more satisfied than me saat lulus karena skripsi gue itu-gue banget!!

butuh pengorbanan untuk beridealisme, but once you get it trough, you'll be you.
and that feels great!

joki tesis/skripsi?
mmm..gue malah pernah menawarkan diri, hehe..price upon negotiation deh..
(sok pinter amat yah gue..)

5:01 AM  
Blogger Rajawali Muda said...

hualah..give it a rest bro..
melacurkan diri...
with the best comprehension exam everyone could ever dreamed of..
with all the compliment you've got from our thesis supervisor..
give it a rest..

good luck bro..
btw jadi bikin apaan lu? gue dah nemu strukturnya tapi masih belum jadi proposalnya. Sial, besok gue ujian bahasa edan itu..wish me luck..

6:09 AM  

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